JONAH’S ARCADE (full pilot)

This may be old news to some but my pilot was PASSED on.

I know what your thinking “that’s a good thing right?” 
You’d think so, what with how the word “pass” is normally used:

"PASS ME A BEER, DARRYL." (even more fun)

But with all of those hilarious examples of how “PASS” can be used for good, it wasn’t.
It was used for EVIL.

And since I don’t want the hard work of a great group of people to go unseen, here you go!

Yes, I am publicly flaunting my failure right in your face.

Created by: Matt Kirsch & Jonah Ray
Executive Producers: Matt Kirsch, Brad Stevens, Boyd Vico
Director: Jordan Vogt-Roberts
WRITERS: Kumail Nanjiani, Tom Segura, Paul Bonanno, Boyd Vico, Brad Stevens
Producer: Paul bonanno, Kumail Nanjiani
Editor: Al Levine

Featuring: Johnny Pemberton, Kumail Nanjiani, Eddie Pepitone. Summer Herrick

Song by: THE MAE SHI

NOTE: This was made w/ Comedy Central. It wouldn’t have even been made if not for the hard work of Jack Hergurth and Seth Cohen.

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    Ya fucked up, powers that be. Granted, you guys have made SOME...decisions lately.
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    Saw a clip of this prior to hearing the news of it not getting picked up. This should be on tv.
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    Kinda reminds me of Tosh.0, but nerdier. Lots of good jokes and bits, but so much swearing. Half the show would be...